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We are looking for motivated carpenters with a positive attitude that are passionate about their craft and desires a role that includes managerial responsibility as well as the additional compensation an expanded role permits.


Are you interested in building unique, interior and/or exterior residential remodeling projects? Do you command strong leadership skills and the ability to plan, schedule, coordinate, and execute? Are you interested in earning additional income beyond an hourly rate? Do you desire to work with a company that recognizes your skills, and inspires you with projects that bring out your best efforts?


Third Space Builders is searching for strong, motivated, goal oriented Lead Carpenters. The Lead Carpenter will be a strong individual contributor with the ability to perform their craft at a high level, as well as manage the construction process on their jobs. The role is field oriented, with travel requirements mostly confined within the northwest suburbs of the Columbus metro area. Your role within the company is supported by a dedicated design team and project managers.


We have had steady growth in our client base, and are seeking an individuals who can deliver the high quality finished product and construction experience that our client’s demand.





       Construction Skills.  First of all a lead carpenter must be a good tradesperson. This does not mean knowing everything from framing to trim to electric, plumbing, HVAC and so on -- but at least a good mid-range of competence. The best Lead Carpenters knowledgeable and capable of installation or supervisory roles in the following areas:

  • Framing
  • Windows & doors
  • Interior Trim & Stairs
  • Flooring, Tile & Ceramics
  • Cabinetry, Door, and Bath Hardware
  • Exterior Trim and Decks
  • Interior and Exterior Paint
  • Insulation and Drywall
  • Appliances

       Trainable.  The lead carpenter must be trainable -- for the present and the future. The more multi-talented lead carpenters -- drywall, plaster patch, paint, wallpaper, tile, floor tile and so on -- are going to be more valuable.

       Entrepreneurial.  The lead carpenter must be somewhat entrepreneurial -- a self-starter able to work independently. Often, successful lead carpenters have been in business for themselves at some point.

       Lead carpenters must be well-organized about their work, able to schedule subcontractors in an orderly manner and keep the job going according to the schedule as well as keeping themselves busy.

       Independent and Self-sufficient.  The lead carpenter must be able to work alone when circumstances allow for greater efficiency.

       Organized.  Lead carpenters must be neat and clean. This means staying clean and organized from start to finish. Carpenters must be willing to do their own clean-up, including washing windows, cleaning and waxing floors and so on.

       Profit Seeking.  A lead carpenter must know and believe in mark-up.

       Problem Solver.  The best lead carpenters are problem solvers. They do not rely on management to resolve any and all problems.

       Equipped.  The Lead Carpenter must possess the necessary tools of the trade, including a truck.




       Construction and InstallationExecuting your craft to a high level and ensuring a quality product.

       Customer Satisfaction.  Insure company and customer satisfaction through professional appearance, expert workmanship and polite communication.

       Teamwork.  Attend all company/client production meetings.

       Scheduling.  Create an anticipated project schedule (critical path) in advance of project commencement, adjust schedule as needed based on production realities. Advise subcontractors of proposed schedule. Verify and confirm material lead times and purchase orders as needed to maintain efficient schedule.

       Communication.  On a daily basis inform the Project/Design Consultant of the project, including any customer concerns, problems, delays, etc.

       Supervision.  Supervise the activities of the company's field carpenters and/or independent contractors, which include oral and written communication as needed.

       Management.  Be responsible for the efficient and profitable use of the company's time, manpower and materials on each project.

       Reporting.  Responsible for tracking the progress and profitability of the projects under his or her supervision and reporting to the Design/Project Consultant.

       Payments.  Receive progress payments and final payment from the client upon completion of the project or as directed by the Design/Project Consultant.




       We pay our employees’ wages that exceed the market.

       A fixed bonus for executing change orders.

       A variable bonus for efficient use of labor – Beat the budget and earn 50% of this amount.

       A variable bonus for customer satisfaction.




Third Space Builders was founded in 2013 with the ultimate goal of designing and constructing unique interior and exterior spaces. The fundamental means by which we obtain this goal is founded upon the concept that cultivating a genuine relationship with our clients encourages open and effective communication from all parties, and this communication is paramount if together our objective is to achieve a mutually beneficial, value maximizing result. In this intensely competitive environment where, from the client’s perspective, information is often incomplete or not well understood, the human element provides the single most meaningful and significant source of both differentiation and security that we can offer. 


Our Mission

Build the spaces within each home that allow for our clients to celebrate and capture the extraordinary moments of life.


What Is A Third Space?

A third space is a place, different than work and normal home environments that encourages laughter, relaxation and spirited conversation with the friends and family that are cherished the most. Life is all about experiences. Third Space Builders is passionately dedicated to creating third spaces that foster memories that will last a lifetime.

From concept and design, to implementation and final touches, the Third Space Builders team of designers and master craftsmen work together seamlessly to help bring the customers vision to life and ensure that each project results in a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.




Use the email address provided to apply for this position.  In addition to your skills and experience, please provide information regarding the types of projects that inspire and motivate you to perform at your very best. Include client references if available.


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